Dear PA Trainer

PA had sent several emails since 15 January 2019 to remind our trainers to register on Vendors@Gov. This is a government platform to facilitate GIRO payment of honorarium and will replace the existing modes of payment e.g. cheque. Kindly register on Vendors@Gov as soon as possible to avoid delay of your honorarium.

  1. Register on Vendors@Gov
  2. Send SMS “Yes I have registered” to 91155077 once you have done so


You may call Educare on 91155077 or 64524243 during office hours (8.30am – 5.30pm) if you require assistance.

** Educare is a service provider appointed by People’s Association to support the registration exercise for PA trainers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bank Code
– 7171 DBS Bank Ltd

Branch Code
– 081 – POSB (if your account is 9 digits)
– First 3 digits of your account number (if your account is 10 digits)

Yes you must register to receive honorarium when you conduct a class in the future.

Kind SMS or email “I wish to resign as PA trainer” to 91155077 or Please note that should you wish to become a PA trainer again in the future, you will have to register again.

Once you log in to activate your account, the system will take 3 working days to process. Kindly log in again after 3 working days to update your information.

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